What causes a foundation to settle and sink?

An uneven foundation can be caused by a number of factors, including: The foundation may be sinking due to water intrusion. Your house may have been built on an unstable site which is causing settlement problems. If you live in an area where there is expansive clay, then this could cause the ground to become unstable and cause problems with your basement foundation. A foundation that is not level can also be caused by improper installation of your floor. Poor yard drainage and improper land grading can also result in structural issues.

What can I do if my basement has become unlevel?

There are several ways that you can correct an uneven foundation. Understanding the source of the problem is key to providing the proper solution. Fixes may include steel reinforcement braces, wall anchors, and /or foundation pads. Don't panic. The faster you call upon a professional to assess the problem, the more likely you will limit further damage that can be costly.

How can unlevel foundations be repaired?

If you have an uneven foundation, it is important to take the necessary steps to repair it. There are a number of options available for fixing these problems. If the damage is severe, it is necessary to hire a professional basement contractor to do the work. Minor cracks may be sealed as a weekend DIY project. Fixes may include steel reinforcement braces, wall anchors, and /or foundation pads. If your foundation is uneven and allowing to moisture to come in, you might also need to install a new drainage system, sump pump, tile drains, French drains or other waterproofing options. There are many different types of leveling services available on the market. Some companies use more advanced technology and machinery than others. Our crew only uses proven methods that deliver permanent solutions.

How long does it take to fix a concrete foundation that is not level?

This will depend on the severity of the problem. Some projects can be completed in as little as day. Others that involve more work that includes excavation and installing braces and anchors may take a week or more to finish. Our team provides a detailed timeline for the project before any work is started.